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Feature Screenplay Loglines

To read a script please send an e-mail. Scripts will be sent as attached PDF files (preferred environmentally friendly method. Proficient in and owning Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Fade In:, Celtx, Writer's Duet, I write in Movie Magic Screenwriter as my personal preference. All scripts are convertible to Final Draft.

Script listing below by Genre (Top to Bottom: Drama, Action-Adventure, Western, Sci-Fi, Relationship, Horror, Biopic / True Story)

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Neon Cactus ~ (Drama, R)  A successful businessman uncovers a secret from his wartime past with the aid of a mysterious woman and a cactus in the sweltering Arizona desert. Talent attachments available.

Official Selection, Gold Canyon Film Festival, 2020
Official Selection, Chandler International Film Festival, 2019.

Quarter-Finalist, The Nicholl Fellowship, 1990, Noted as “Offbeat and inspiring.”

Quarter-Finalist, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, 2017.

Bait ~ (Drama, R) An Oahu-based marine biologist sets out to determine the cause of unusual shark behavior while her employing research institute battles for funding, and her relationship partner issues unrealistic demands.

Official Selection, Florida Script Challenge, 2024

Olivia's Oath ~ (Drama, PG-13)  During the Spanish-American War, a French woman living on the lam, and holed up in a jungle cave, offers refuge to conscientious objectors from opposing armies when they desert their posts.

1st Runner-Up, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2014.
Semi-Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival, 2015.
Quarter-Finalist, 7th Annual Story Pros International Contest, 2013.

The Ghost's Writers' Workshop - (Drama, Ghost Story, R) The ghost of a screenwriter murdered in a historic Arizona hotel resurrects hope for the afterlife when a group of wannabe screenwriters arrive for a writing workshop coinciding with Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Finalist, Block Island Film Festival, 2021
Finalist, Burbank International Film Festival, 2020
Finalist, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2020

Dam Determined - (Drama, R) - A disenfranchised newspaper reporter heads to the build site of the Hoover Dam to seek dangerous construction employment. After an injury on the job lends him incapacitated, with the help of an actress and a would-be madam, he realizes he must take on the political forces with his greatest talent: words.

Official Selection, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2020
Finalist, Las Vegas International Film & Screenplay Competition, 2019
Finalist, Vail Film Festival, 2020

The Cost of Money - (Drama, R) - When a reporter becomes romantically involved with an interview subject - a female financier who launders Russian money - she discovers the actual usage of the laundered funds is the restoration of the world’s ecosystem. The reporter, undaunted by the good, intends to expose the dubious money trail at the risk of her relationship, and the fate of the world.

Official Selection, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2021
Quarter Finalist, Story Pros International Screenwriting Competition, 2020

Person Number One - (Drama, R) When an engineer developing habitats for a colony on Mars meets up with a seductive Russian agent, assigned the task of stealing secrets so her country can inhabit Mars first, and when cards are laid on the table, will he chose country over love?

Rejected by Rumor - (Drama, R) A public relations consultant, hailing from a family ruined by rumors, under pressure from her boss and federal agents, takes on a gossip columnist, a film studio, and the rumors in her mind.

Finalist, Byron Bay Film Festival, 2019
Official Selection, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2018.

Semi-Finalist, Story Pros Screenplay Competition, 2018.

Visions of Sugar Plums - (Drama - R) An astronomer hot on the trail of a planetary discovery becomes overwhelmed with an irrational sense of peril, just in time for the holidays and a new relationship.

Best Drama Screenplay, Capital Funds Screenwriting Competition, 2016.

By the Sword ~ (Drama - R) After witnessing a shooting up close and personal at a gun protest rally, a pool reporter mounts a quest to find out what's behind the motives of a powerful gun organization.

Semi-Finalist, 11th Annual Story Pros International Awards, 2017

Kate ~ (Drama - R) An environmentally friendly ranger is forced to seek refuge with a greedy real estate developer from the hurricane of the century.

2nd Runner Up, Flagstaff Film Festival, 2010.
Top 25 Screenplay, Going Green Film Festival, 2010.
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Marimar - (Drama, Action, R, co-written with the late Ruben L. Ruiz) When a cross-dressing drug smuggler enlists the aid of a shaman and a prostitute to take on the largest drug cartel, he comes face to face with primal emotional demons, and the governor - his estranged father.

Official Selection, Global Screenplay Challenge, Oaxaca Film Festival, 2015.
Semi-Finalist, Story Pros International Screenplay Competition, 2015.
Semi-Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival 2016.
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The Cat That Saved the (Hollywood) Stars ~ (formerly known as Twinks, Family Drama - G or PG) When an aging, widowed baseball pitcher for the 1949 Hollywood Stars adopts a spit ball, his precocious daughter and Ms. Hollywood Stars give him the cold shoulder. With the help of a stray ball yard cat that possesses lucky charm qualities, our hero figures out another way to stay in baseball, without as his daughter calls it - cheating.

Finalist (Top 10), Screencraft Family-Friendly Screenwriting Competition, 2014
Semi-Finalist, Creative World Awards, 2010. (as Twinks)

Semi-Finalist, 15th Annual Fade In: Awards, 2011.
(as Twinks)

Sing to the Sky ~ (Drama, R) Interned during World War II, a Japanese girl leads two of her internee friends to form a singing group and despite wartime hostilities, they entertain the American troops and rise to stardom.

Semi-Finalist, 8th Annual Story Pros Awards, 2015

Five Story Office ~ (Drama, R) When a power failure forces an office building into lockdown, the lives of five women intersect, as do the stories locked in their psyches. Female-centric ensemble, contained.

Quarter-Finalist, Creative World Awards, 2016 .
Quarter-Finalist, Screencraft Action & Thriller Screenplay Competition, 2015.
Quarter-Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival 2016.

Billie Rae ~ (Drama - R) A topless dancer in a grim club in El Paso, Texas wrestles with life's lousy hand and her sexual orientation.


An Undocumented Rumor - (Action-Adventure, Drama, R) When a journalist for an US-based Arabian TV network heads to the Arizona border to sleuth out a rumor regarding a terrorist attack formulating in Mexico, she enlists an unlikely team to take on the forces behind the operation. Note: Protagonist and antagonist are female.

Best Original Screenplay, Burbank Film Festival, 2016.
Best Feature Screenplay, San Antonio Film Festival, 2019.
Official Selection, San Pedro Film Festival, 2019.
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A Nuclear Option ~ (Action Adventure/Environmental/Thriller - R) When a geologist drunkenly suggests an ill-conceived plan to avert global warming to a high-ranking politician, he must immediately race to halt his misguided suggestion from hitting the political fast track and destroying the planet.

1st Place, Action-Adventure-Thriller genre, 4th Annual StoryPros Awards.
2nd Place, Mystery-Thriller genre, Woods Hole Film Festival, 2011.

Top Ten Finalist, Going Green Film Festival, 2010.
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Considerare ~ (Action-Adventure, Political - R) - After an astrologer predicts an assassination attempt on the President-elect, he alerts a government agent of a possible terrorist attack, thus becoming the prime suspect.

Finalist, 5th Annual Story Pros Awards (Top Ten in Action-Adventure Genre).
Finalist, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2013.
Finalist, Richmond Film Festival, 2013.
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Yet Untitled (actually the title of the script) ~ (Action-Adventure) - When a screenwriter reaches out to a former federal security agent to confirm her script's accuracy, the agent realizes the script discloses unpublicized details of an ongoing investigation. Did she really dream this up?

The Kestrel Incident - (Action Adventure, R) A geek helo pilot working with a movie crew stumbles upon testing of a new generation of killer drones, and witnesses the worst possible drone-test-gone-wrong scenario.

Finalist, 7th Annual Story Pros International Contest, 2013.
Finalist, 7th Annual Story Pros Awards, 2014.
Semi-Finalist, Creative World Awards, 2014.
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Ropes ~ (Police Drama, Action, R) An LA detective, with the assistance of his intuitive girlfriend and a dancer, takes on a pain-killer drug ring targeting athletes run from a country and western strip club.

The Interrogation of Ike Tully - (Thriller, Drama, R) An aeronautical engineer is apprehended by federal agents and interrogated with unorthodox psychological methods, until he agrees to carry out the illegal bidding of the agency in the interest of thwarting a global terrorist threat.

In development. Talent and crew attached.

Finalist (Official Selection), Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2015.
Semi-Finalist, Top 12, Vail Film Festival, 2015.
Top 100 Hot Winners, Capital Funds Screenplay Contest, 2015.

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Nuclear Clowns - (Action-Adventure, Comedy, R) After being subjected to a freak accident toxic spill, a clown act comedy troupe is "dispatched" by the government to apply their unexplained super powers for national defense against a crazed billionaire who seeks world domination.

Official Selection, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2017.
Official Selection, Oaxaca Film Festival, 2017.

Abby ~ (Children's Action-Adventure, G) A precocious and gifted young girl and her Abyssinian cat apprehend an ATM bandit.


Cactus Junction - (Drama, Western, R) When a young African-American woman skilled in dowsing arrives in the Arizona west, she enlists the assistance of a local madam, inept lawmen and a preacher’s conflicted wife to take on corporate mining interests to protect the town’s precious water supply from contamination.

2nd Place, Best Arizona Screenplay, Wild Bunch Film Festival, 2020
Finalist, Pasadena Film Festival, 2020

Official Selection, Burbank International Film Festival, 2020
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The Filmmaking Territory - (Drama, Period, Movies about Movies, Western, R) An actress in Arizona during the silent film heyday, woos investors, competing directors, desperados and one very handsome cowboy as she aspires to stardom.

Finalist, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2021
3rd Place, Best Feature Drama Western, Wild Bunch Film Festival, 2021

Christmas at Cascabel Gulch - (Family, Holiday, PG or PG-13) A retired Ivy League professor heads west to discover a predicted comet. When he finds himself stuck in an unintended destination in Arizona's old west, and while grieving his past, he discovers that he carries the spirit of Christmas.

Best Feature Screenplay, Wild Bunch Film Festival, 2019
Semi-Finalist, 8th Annual Story Pros International Contest, 2014


The Curious Filming of Saguaro Sunset ~ (Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance, R) - In 1947 Arizona, a movie reel videographer and a UFO researcher delve into the disappearance of the lead actor from a movie set only to realize they must caution the world as to its fate.

Superior Conjunction ~ (Sci-Fi, Drama, R) - After a communications blackout caused by a superior conjunction of Earth and Mars, two astronauts realize they are the only humans alive and an abandoned space colony on Mars remains their only hope for life.

3rd Place, Sci-Fi Genre, 6th Annual Story Pros Awards, 2013.
Finalist, 6th Annual Story Pros International Contest, 2012.

Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival, 2014.

The Plutonauts - (Sci-fi, R) - When the co-commander of a space colony on Pluto realizes their mission is not surveillance of new objects in the Kuiper Belt, she must figure out how to defend her crew, and Earth, from the threat encountered.

Finalist, Story Pros International Screenplay Competition, 2018.
Semi-Finalist, Story Pros Awards, 2019.
Semi-Finalist, Fade In Awards, Sci-Fi Competition, 2019

Facelift 51- (Sci-fi, Drama, Action, R) When a hermaphrodite space alien undergoes treatment from a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon and starts a relationship with an investigative writer, the alien’s work for a secret government agency goes amok and unwittingly, the trio shapes the fate of planet Earth.

Top 100 Hot Screenplays, Capital Fund Screenwriting Competition, 2016.
Semi-Finalist, Story Pros International Screenplay Competition, 2015.
Quarter-Finalist, Screencraft Sci-Fi Screenwriting Competition, 2016.


Frost on the Pumpkin ~ (Horror - R) A centuries old ghost, previously exorcised, is resurrected by a gathering of unwitting cheerleaders, and now seeks to fulfill its ancient yearning for revenge, no matter what. More...

Best Horror Script Grand Prize, Rhode Island International Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2012.
Winner, A/Exposure (Write Movies), January 2012.
Semi-Finalist, 5th Annual Story Pros Awards, 2012.

More Awards

Scarecrow in the Snow ~ (Horror -R, sequel to Frost on the Pumpkin) When a ghost morphs into a succubus and possesses a writer of ghost stories, the New England countryside is ravaged by mayhem, and only a young student can do anything about to address the menace.

2nd Place, Horror Screenplay Contest, 2012.
Semi Finalist, 5th Annual Story Pros Awards, 2012.

Peculiar Taste ~ (Horror - R, Co-Written with Lesley Lillywhite)  OPTIONED - As an aspiring TV host anchors a food festival, she discovers the combo of GMO corn chips and tequila incite ravenous hunger and aberrant behavior. Realizing that people are disappearing, she connects with a scientist, and through their detective efforts, they uncover an unleashed epidemic of deviant cravings.

Creep Factor - (Horror, R) After a mother rescues a boy from drowning as a result of a car accident, mysterious forces compel the family to adopt him, without realizing the psychic mayhem he will introduce into their Rockwell-esque New England household.

Semi-Finalist, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2019.
Semi-Finalist, Story Pros Awards, 2019.

Binary Code - (Paranormal Crime, R) An identical twin teams up with her sister's lover and sets out to discover the truth behind her sister's death against a background of Hollywood scandals, reincarnated actresses, and the afterlife seeking to set all records straight.

Finalist, 11th Annual Story Pros International Awards, 2017.

Relationship (RomCom / Dramedy)

A Love of Space - (Romantic dramedy, R) A space habitation engineer and a science journalist who disagree on the merits of space exploration and despite their out of this world attraction, fire retro rockets on romance until ancient elements from their emotional pasts heal.

A Piece of Heaven - (RomCom, R) An unemployed funeral planner and a documentary filmmaker are stalked by aliens who stress their newly minted relationship to find if they have the right stuff to deliver the alien’s message to the world.

Semi-Finalist, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2021
Semi-Finalist, Story Pros International Screenwriting Competition, 2020
Semi-Finalist, Filmmatic Comedy Screenwriting Competition, 2020
More Awards

The Necessity of Paprika ~ (Dramedy - R) When a woman hijacks a friend to help her disrupt the bachelor party of one of their ex's, their course is diverted by a wealthy bronco rider and their lives changed forever.

3rd Place, Feature Romantic Comedy, Woods Hole Film Festival, 2012.
Quarter-Finalist, 5th Annual StoryPros International Awards, 2011.

Two Brains Wasted ~  (Romantic Comedy, R) Two sincere men truly want to have honest relationships, only to encounter a bizarre flock of contenders. This script is a “good guy” look at relationships.

Sniff Test~ (Dramedy - R) Two technically savvy post-grad bachelors set up an online dating service, with the aid of one of their inventions, a device that emits scents and pheromones, coming to realize that they have no nose for business... or love.

Quarter-Finalist, 6th Annual Story Pros Awards, 2013

Biopic / True Story

Out of the Darkness - (Scientific biopic, R) After a young farmer from Kansas mails astronomical sketches to the Lowell Observatory, he is granted an internship, where while enduring the hardships of the era, weather, and stacked astronomical odds, he makes an astounding discovery - that of the planet Pluto. (Work-for-hire project)

Official Selection, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2019
Semi-Finalist, Story Pros International Screenplay Competition, 2018.

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