Philip C. Sedgwick ~ Screenwriter

Burbank International Film Fest 2016














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Burbank International Film Fest 2016

An Undocumented Rumor won Best Feature Screenplay

The Venue

The Screening Venue ~ AMC Theaters in Burbank

Wishing Well

At the wishing well

with Ari Frenkel

with Ari Frenkel (Silicon Valley) & Lesley Lillywhite

with Emily Goss

with Emily Goss (The House on Pine Street, Castle)

Back to the Future

taking the Back to the Future DeLorean for ice cream

with Hitch

with Lesley Lillywhite and Hitch

Thank You, Burbank

Thank you, Burbank Film Festival

with my lovely muse, Lesley

with Shari Davenport, winner of Best Adapted Screenplay

What a night!

Best Original Screenplay, An Undocumented Rumor