Philip C. Sedgwick ~ Screenwriter

Otro Lado ~ El Cine










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Otro Lado (Other Side)

It's not always as you dream...

A young Mexican man risks it all to get to the other side of the border
in hopes of fulfilling his dream of a better life

Our cast and crew on the staircase of the historic Gadsden Hotel
(and upon the staircase upon which Poncho Villa rode his horse and chipped the marble...
according to legend, that is)

Asessing the Shoot ~ Day Before Filming

Director Rob Walker and Co-Producer Lesley Cessna-Kontowicz prepare for a long road ahead

Framing the Fence, Director and DP (Avai d'Amico) Discuss

EP Alex Holland explains his vision to Adrian (Joaquin)

Filming ~ Day 1

Vincente (Michael Ochotorena), dialogue coach Cecelia Ochotorena and Joquin settle in the vibe

Joaquin creates a shrine

Rogelio Camarillo Jr. leads selfies on set

We are going in the same direction actually

Huddle for the scene

Blocking a confrontation

Open Seasame

You couldn't meet a nicer guy!

Close on Vincente

It's really not life at the beach for DP and Director

Long shot

Lots of moving parts

Clusters of activity

Heading for a showdown

Josh Zientarski reflects on set

Marco (Julio H. Garcia) makes Joaquin an irresistible offer

Marco and Joaquin negotiate

Locked and loaded

No Chair?

In the weeds

Intent on Otro Lado

And into the truck... Vincente gives Joaquin a lift

Estrella (Karen Sours-Albisua) y Joaquin

Filming Day 2

EP Linda Joy Stone checks the pelicula on social media

DP Avai d'Amico

La Doña (Lesley Lillywhite) and Estrella confer

Running lines for the Director

Framing the Final Adios

La Doña takes in the situation

Executive Producers, Alex B. Holland & Linda Joy Stone

File Back-Up, Ever So Essential

Will El Otro Lado be better?

Checking the Shot

Pondering the Future

I will join you!

The Final Kiss

Setting Up for the Video Call Shot

Karen's Brillant Last Take

From Location Scouting

Behind the wall an ancient Mexican volcano

Border Patrol at work

This Antonov Aircraft had a part in Raiders of the Lost Arc - The Crystal Skull where
it was painted to be a Pan American Airways Airliner!
Now it rests in a hanger in Douglas, Arizona