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Philip wrote his first script at the prompting of a writer friend. He entered his second script, Neon Cactus, into the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship, which placed as a Quarter-Finalist in the prestigious competition. Since that time, more than thirty of his screenplays & films have received acclaim from film festivals, fellowships and competitions. Philip served as a juror for the Prescott Film Festival for the past two years, where he also presents screenwriting workshops.

Member Independent Writers Caucus (WGAw)

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In Pre Production: Turned Out, a short script Philip was hired to co-write with Ritu Pande of Durga Entertainment. More details soon.

In Post Production: Elevator Pitch, a short film written by Philip for Executive Producer Rutger Oosterhoff, directed by Justin Bram, featuring Tom Wright, Emily Goss and Sam Whitten.

For the seventh consecutive year, Philip has a screenplay as an Official Selection in the Beverly Hills Film Festival, where in 2014 he took home 1st Runner Up screenplay honors. In the 2017 fest, Philip's selected screenplay is Nuclear Clowns.

Philip's screenplay An Undocumented Rumor won Best Original Screenplay honors in the Burbank Film Festival, 2016


Ixmucané Pastor, a script I was brought onboard to cowrite a new draft with director, Grisel Wilson, of Humans and Fido Productions won Best Drama in the Oaxaca FilmFest's Global Script Challenge. As well, the script received a Golden Palm Award in the 2016, Mexico International Film Festival.

Visions of Sugar Plums won Best Screenplay, Drama, in the Capital Funds Screenplay Competition, 2016.

The Interrogation of Ike Tully, an original script penned by Philip, has most of the principal cast and above the line crew attached. Currently this project is in the funding phase.

The Interrogaton of Ike Tully on Slated

Neon Cactus on Slated

Philip is working for CLC Productions on a feature film rewrite.

Philip recently completed Day of the Elephants, a work-for-hire project, based upon the true story of a young man fleeing Liberia during political unrest.

He penned two work-for-hire projects for House of Mirrors Entertainment, now being shopped.

Mirage at Zabul Province, penned by Philip for director Nathan Bettisworth, tied for first for the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film at the Sedona Film Festival Festival. As well, the short won Director's Choice for best short film at the Prescott Film Festival and was Best Short Film (Jury) at the Sunscreen West Film Festival, completing a trifecta of best short film category wins. Watch Mirage at Zabul Province

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Complete List of Fellowship, Festival and Competition Awards

Letters of Recommendation available upon request.

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